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Soumon Chatterjee

Mystery, Travel & Romance (maybe)

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About Soumon Chatterjee

A Life in Words

I have been a traveler all my life. My love for travels and adventures grew as a kid from reading Satyajit Ray's - Adventures of Feluda which always had an exciting destination for mystery, and also the Adventures of Tintin.  The call for travel and adventure deepened after reading the poem 'Ulysses' by Lord Tennyson in my adolescence and possibly charted my course to the seas. My Dad had a transferable job in the Coalfields and my childhood was spent in various remote coalmine settlements of eastern India. We did not stay in a locality for more than four years. I stepped into my teens with a relocation to Kolkata and before my teens were over I had stepped out into the Seas, absorbing as much as I could of the vibrant city in those six years at Kolkata. My job as a sailor suits my exploring heart well and it has sent me across the Globe to numerous places known and unknown for the past 25 years. When I am not sailing, I try to tour and travel with my family to destinations beyond the reach of a sailing merchant ship. Kolkata is my home when I am not traveling.
I was always an avid reader of adventures and mysteries and now I have ventured into writing a few of my own. I hope to connect to each of my readers and take them on an enthralling ride through my stories.

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The Calcutta Conundrum

July 25, 2021

Pratik, son of IPS Officer - Pratyush Basu returns home to Kolkata from IIT Kharagpur during the annual Durga Puja celebration. There was a break-in at Pratik's childhood friend Jiah's house a few days ago. Nothing was reported as stolen but the miscreants assaulted  Jiah's Kakadadu (grand uncle) - Swadhin,  causing him to go into a coma. Pratik gets involved with the police investigation and he  comes across many diverse facts of Swadhin's past life. Will Pratik be able to connect the various facts of Swadhin's past life  and link them to the case? Will Pratik be able to figure out the priceless possession of Swadhin,  which resulted in the break-in and assault? Will the ruthless criminals be busted? Read on to know...............

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এপ্রিল ফুল?

1 Sep 2020

স্বনামধন্য IPS অফিসার প্রত্যূষ বাসুর ছেলে প্রতীক পূজোর ছুটিতে IIT থেকে কলকাতায় ফেরে। কলকাতায় প্রতীকের বন্ধু জিয়াহদের বাড়িতে ওর কাকাদাদুর ঘরে কয়েকদিন আগে চোরের উপদ্রব হয়। কি চুরি গেছে বোঝা যায় না কিন্তু কাকাদাদু মাথায় প্রচন্ড আঘাত পেয়ে কোমায় চলে যান। পুলিশের পাশাপাশি প্রতীক্ও চুরির অনুসন্ধানে জরিয়ে পরে ও কাকাদাদুর বৈচিত্র্যময় বিগত জীবনের অনেক না জানা ঘটনা ও তথ্য ওর সামনে আসে। সেই সব তথ্যের সূত্র ধরে প্রতীক কি এই চুরির সমাধান করতে পারবে? কি এমন অমূল্য জিনিস কাকাদাদুর কাছে ছিল, তা কি ওরা জানতে পারবে? যারা নির্মম ভাবে আহত করেছে, তারা কি উচিৎ শাস্তি পাবে?

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কোন আলো লাগল চোখে

October 15, 2021

Soumon is extremely proud and excited to share his upcoming new Bengali Murder  Mystery - কোন আলো লাগল চোখে.

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July 20, 2022

Soumon is extremely proud and excited to share his upcoming new book - Starstruck! which will be an adaptation of his latest Bengali book - Kon Alo Laglo Chokhe (কোন আলো লাগল চোখে)

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