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Art Models OliviaP010: Figure Drawing Pose Reference (Art Models Poses)

If you are looking for a high-quality and realistic pose reference for your figure drawing, you might be interested in the Art Models series by Live Model Books. These books provide you with a variety of poses from different angles, captured by professional photographers in a studio setting. You can use these poses as a reference for your own drawings, paintings, sculptures, or any other art form that involves the human figure.


One of the books in this series is Art Models OliviaP010, which features a strong pose by a female model named Olivia. This book gives you 27 photos of the same pose, one every 15 degrees as the model turns through a full circle. You also get close-ups of the hands, feet, and face, which can help you with the details and expressions. You can zoom in to see the texture of the skin, the muscles, the hair, and other aspects that make the human figure so fascinating and challenging to draw.

The book is available as a Kindle ebook, which you can download instantly to your device. You can also access the photos online through, where you can view them in high resolution and adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also print them out if you prefer to work on paper.

Art Models OliviaP010 is a great resource for artists who want to practice and improve their figure drawing skills. It can also inspire you to create your own original works of art based on the pose. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find this book useful and enjoyable.

You can find more information about this book and other books in the Art Models series on Amazon or on You can also check out some free online tools that can help you create your own pose references with 3D models, such as PoseMy.Art or Line Of Action. These tools allow you to customize the models, props, lighting, and camera angles to suit your needs and preferences.

Figure drawing is a rewarding and fun activity that can enhance your artistic abilities and express your creativity. With Art Models OliviaP010 and other similar resources, you can have access to a variety of poses that can challenge and inspire you. Happy drawing!


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