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Ephere Ornatrix V6.2.2.20192 For 3ds Max 2020 Win X64

Ephere Ornatrix v6.2.2.20192 for 3ds Max 2020 Win x64

If you are looking for a system to create hair and hair-shaped structures in 3ds Max, you might want to check out Ephere Ornatrix. This plugin is designed to solve the problem of creating realistic and stylized hair, fur, feathers, and foliage with a variety of tools and automation. In this article, we will review some of the key features and benefits of using Ornatrix for 3ds Max 2020 Win x64.

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Key Features of Ornatrix

Ornatrix offers a comprehensive set of features for hair creation and manipulation, such as:

  • Procedural hair: You can build hair with a set of friendly operators that can be stacked and blended in a non-destructive way. You can also use strand groups to filter and modify the hair based on various criteria.

  • Multiple dynamics options: You can simulate hair with different types of dynamics, such as cloth, rigid bodies, or custom forces. You can also use guides or meshes to control the shape and movement of the hair.

  • Familiar iterative refinement workflow: You can work in an easy and intuitive environment that allows you to edit and refine your hair at any stage of the creation process. You can also use groom presets to quickly apply common styles and settings to your hair.

  • Tight 3ds Max integration: You can use Ornatrix within the 3ds Max modifier and object framework, which means you can apply modifiers, use selection tools, or convert hair to other types of objects. You can also access Ornatrix from a friendly toolbar that provides quick start options and common commands.

  • Built-in and all 3rd-party renderer support: You can render your hair with any renderer that supports 3ds Max, such as V-Ray, Arnold, Corona, or Redshift. Ornatrix also supports native hair shaders and materials for some renderers, such as V-Ray HairNext or Corona Hair.

  • Easy SDK for access and extensions: You can extend the functionality of Ornatrix with its easy SDK that allows you to access and modify the hair data, create custom operators, or integrate with other plugins. You can also use a variety of import and export options to transfer hair data between different applications or formats.

Benefits of Using Ornatrix

Ornatrix is not only a powerful and flexible system for hair creation, but also a reliable and efficient solution for production. Some of the benefits of using Ornatrix are:

  • High performance and scalability: You can create and render millions of hairs without compromising the speed or quality of your work. Ornatrix also supports multi-threading, GPU acceleration, and network rendering to optimize your performance and workflow.

  • Creative freedom and control: You can create any type of hair you can imagine, from realistic to stylized, from human to animal, from short to long. You can also use various tools to style, color, texture, animate, or simulate your hair with precision and ease.

  • Professional support and community: You can get help and feedback from the developers and other users of Ornatrix through forums, docs, videos, or email. You can also share your work and learn from others through galleries, tutorials, or challenges.


Ephere Ornatrix is a system that can help you create stunning hair and hair-shaped structures in 3ds Max. It offers a comprehensive set of features, a familiar workflow, a tight integration with 3ds Max and other renderers, an easy SDK for extensions, and a high performance and scalability. It also gives you creative freedom and control, as well as professional support and community. If you are interested in trying Ornatrix, you can download a demo or request a trial from the Ephere website.


  • Ephere Ornatrix v6.2.2.20192 for 3ds Max 2020 Win x64


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