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A sailor's bliss

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

A sailor's life is much different from most other people's. Not only is he away for months together from his home, family, and friends, but also from society in general. Basic things in life like access to Television, Live Sports or telecasts, News Telecasts, or Movie Theaters seem like a privilege, which he is denied. Yes, the modern advent of social networking and smartphones has brought many things within the easy grasp of the sailor but it is still a far cry from normal shore life. So what does keep him sailing? Is it just the money?

I emphatic NO, but you must be a seadog at heart to appreciate it. It is way more than the usual wanderlust one associates with it. There is something adventurous about pitting yourself alone in the vast ocean against nature that plays with the ocean to its whims and fancies. There is something alluring about charting courses over the 'Challenger Deep' in Mariana Trench knowing well that only seafarers can cross over the deepest point on earth. There is something inclusive about sailing with twenty peers from half a dozen countries. There is something delightful about being back home with your loved ones after a six-month hiatus. I could go on and on about cultures, cities, solitude.......... however, the most satisfying thing for me is the daily SUNSET, it is blissful. Ashore, one may have to travel to the best beaches and still not match the beauty of what we get to see at Sea. The daily sunsets alone are worth all the glories of missed privileges for six months a year.

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