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Tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

For all of us writers, writing is a passion and usually gives us immense joy, however, we do face this inevitable phase on and off where ideas seem to run out. How to get over the phase?

Well, don't panic......we must realize that almost every writer faces it and tides over it, there is no reason to think that we are an exception. There is no fixed formula to tackle it, we must learn to deal with it. I will share what works for me, it may work for you as well.

  • Writing needs a positive frame of mind and more so when we are in writer's block. The first thing to do when in a block is to just forget about writing, take some time off and do something that makes you happy within.

  • It could be spending time with family, going out on a fishing trip, playing a game you love, reading, watching a movie basically anything that you can enjoy without worrying about what to write next. How long should be the break? Again, there is no right could be for a few hours or even a few weeks on a vacation depending on how big a block you are in and how quickly you can forget the fact that you are in it.

  • Take up a guided meditation and yoga course, if you are not into any form of meditative practice. This is not a must for naysayers but can be really useful for others.

  • When you again decide to pick up the pen...CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT.

  • Most of us write indoors. It might be a great idea to go out in nature, possibly in a picturesque location, and soak in the atmosphere before you start pondering over your next plot or subplot. Hill stations, Beaches, Riversides, Lakesides..........even a secluded bench in the park might be a good location to resume.

  • Organize your thoughts. Break up your writing goals into definitive objectives and set about achieving them separately.

This should be enough to get you out of the block...when it does, don't forget to remember that you could find a way out of it......will help you immensely the next time.

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