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in the northern mariana islands (nmi), a no-risk credit score is defined as a score of 590 or greater. scores below this threshold are considered high risk scores. however, there are no requirements on the businesses' processes for using or maintaining these high-risk credit scores. the ability to maintain a no-risk credit score is an important factor in the future of the credit market in the nmi.

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during 2013, two major credit reporting agencies, equifax and transunion, announced a one-time all consumers credit freeze would be rolled out on september 15, 2013. the freeze prevents any changes to the credit information in the credit report. this action addresses the fact that equifax and transunion do not protect credit from third-party access. the actions were taken to prevent fraud on data and to minimize the risk of identity theft as well as fraud. on july 1, 2014, the freeze expanded to cover a broader range of credit reports, the same solution used in the united states.

this is just one part of the solution. equifax's data breach, which allowed hackers to obtain data on 143 million americans, as well as congressional and federal trade commission inquiries, have focused the attention of the credit industry, lenders and regulators on the need to better understand data security. the nmi department of commerce has partnered with equifax in its credit freeze rollout and continues to monitor the security of the credit freeze.

- your name and your social security number, as the most uniquely identifying financial id in the united states. the ssn or social security number is a unique identifier used to make sure that individual gets the benefits and protections they are entitled to. an ssn also has record-keeping and record-matching purposes.


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