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Lloyd Banks Everywhere You Go

Not only is this track perfect for the game, but I think it could easily find a home in the playlist of people everywhere. It's great hip-hop and just great music. I mean how many songs you know have lyrics like:

Lloyd Banks Everywhere You Go


[Tony Yayo]Yee niggaFuckin back hunger for moreTony's homeYo Banks I told these niggas man[Lloyd Banks]Yall done fucked up nowYee!Yeeeeee![Tony Yayo]Here We go[Chorus - Lloyd Banks]Aint no click like the one I'm withIf the drama gets thick its the guns I get G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit If you aint reppin where you from this is We gettin dough everywhere we goAnd it's killin 'em slow just to hear me blow G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit If you aint reppin where you from sit down[Verse 1 - Lloyd Banks]By now I know you done seen meOn your stadium or TV with three eighty on the EVI skeet babies on your breezyAnd I aint stoppin Only Jake the Jacob could freeze meLeaves me and its bye bye goneWe got guns like Pop-eye armsI put a ring on their finger But the rats still askinCause theres one in all they mind Im the Rap Phil Jacksonn I built a rep for murderin every Whoo Kid, Kayslay and Big MikeAdmit it the kid tight and you aint even put up a fightSo its back to da amatures, wrapped in ya sandwhichesI'm hot now so the rats wanna stand with usThey hop in the van with us and clap on camerasI hit the clubs now I'm back tourin CanadaAmongst weed smokers, and crap floor gamblers[Chorus - Lloyd Banks]Aint no click like the one I'm withIf the drama gets thick its the guns I get G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit If you aint reppin where you from this is We gettin dough everywhere we goAnd it's killin 'em slow just to hear me blow G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit If you aint reppin where you from sit down[Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks]Make sure the birds dont get brought to 'emI watched Kobe go from the basketball court to the courtroomGo ahead try n do me harm soldierYou'll be in a black bag like grass out the lawnmowerAnd I'll be damn if I co-sign a old snitchThat was gangbangin when jaws was a goldfishI'm the name they all screamin on the streetFor bullyin the bassline and leanin on the beatI'm well known now so you see me on the creepsSchemin on a freak fan blade leanin on a jeepAint walkin with the fire, so if you say banks in ya verse then you better be talkin bout TyraFrom PA to LA, Atlanta to Texas, Nashville to Memphis, My buzz is tremendousI pass thru the city slow, but the hit the gas on the silly hoeDumps like ass in my video[Chorus - Lloyd Banks]Aint no click like the one I'm withIf the drama gets thick its the guns I get (Now)G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit (Now)If you aint reppin where you from this is (Down)We gettin dough everywhere we goAnd it's killin 'em slow just to hear me blow (Now)G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit (Now)If you aint reppin where you from sit down[Verse 3 - Tony Yayo]Ayo, uno, dos, tres, cuatroMy clique eat like the 12 holy apostlesAnd bust down models in flushed out tahoesJewels froze look like we hit the lottoP89, my clique filled wit hollowsStun in the club get hit with yellow bottlesDon't speak ma, if your neck dont swallowCuz 50 push bentleys and Dre push DiablosThat Eminem money got cash in my eskroScrews Mcduck say swimmin in my cash flowYay rappers cracked man I got the best blowBest flow, Banks put me in the booth lets goThink like castro, Games in the lassoDont jump in the Benz without steps on the petroGod gave me this flow so I am special and 16 bars nigga I'm finishedFinito![Chorus]Aint no click like the one I'm with If the drama gets thick its the guns I get (Now) G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit (Now) If you aint reppin where you from this is (Down) We gettin dough everywhere we go And it's killin 'em slow just to hear me blow (Now) G-Unit niggaz is runnin this shit (Now) If you aint reppin where you from sit down [Tony Yayo]We Told YAll Muthafuckas Man!Yall Niggas Look Like Us And Smell Like Us But Your Not Us Man!Lloyd Banks Hunger For More!We Back Nigga!50 The General!Young Dezzy Buck!Game!The Rap Game Is Ours Nigga!Hunger For More!Rida Music Nigga!This For Them Gangsta, Them Generals, Them Comrades!Uh Huh!This Is Rida Music! (HaHa)

EminemHistory is like a point of no delayKeeps repeatin itself, what else can I say?You wonderin why I act this wayI never should've gave you the time of dayGuess you know what time it is now, ay?There must've been a gust of windCause you change your mind every time it blows and you just changed it a-muh'fuckin-gainYou just said you just wanted some dick, 'fore I stuck it inI wouldn't have been such a prick to you, fuckin menYou say you don't trust 'emWhy do I hear the sound of toilets flushin? Some shit is goin downYou must've just not have been truthful from the startSee for me it'd be nothin to say you never had my heart but I'd be lyinFuckin see why they call this bullshit a relationship, ships sinkAnd you know it's love as soon as you fall in it cause shit stinksAnd it feels like every time I fuckin do, I get jinxedCupid must've put a curse on me, six weekshave went by, and we only spoke twiceI'm sittin in your driveway callin you from the car, sufficeI think it's safe to say you're not at homeI'm callin your cell phone you answer but I can tell though, that you're not aloneHow was I to know?It should've been time to go a long time ago; I kept holdin onit's comical when I think back now, why I couldn't get the hintYou feel the draft you were thrown, I wasn't catchin your driftBut there's a cold breeze blowin over me, I'm over youSuccess is the best revenge to pay you back, and that payment is overdueI overcame odds to get evenThe sober me is shittin all over the un-sober youAnd I hope they play this at every club that you're goin toI'm hauntin you bitch, everywhere you turn I'm followin youCause I loved you with every ounce of me, you know it's trueit's killin you now, yeah I hope the hoe dies slow in youit's cause of you now I don't trust 'em at all, fuck 'emMiddle finger up, I'ma just keep grabbin my balls, cup 'emI never fall again, I trip on stairs, I fall up 'emSo buttercup don't try to come back knockin on my door all dolled upCause I'm movin on, don't worry about meCause I'ma be just fine without you, you'll seeThere ain't no one on this Earth right now I'd much rather beCause God damnit I'm glad that I'm me

There must have been a gust of windCause you change your mind every time it blowsAnd you just changed it a motherfucking againYou just said you just wanted some dick fore stuck inI wouldn't of been such a prick to youFuck em in, you say you don't trust themWhy do I hear the sound of toilets flushing?Some shit is going down, you must of not been truthful from the startSee for me it bee nothing to see you never had my heart but I'd be lyingFucking see why they call this bullshit a relationshipCause Shit stink and you know it's love as soon as you fall in it Cause shit stinkAnd it feels every time I'm fucking you I get jinxedCupid must of put a curse on me,6 weeks went by and we only spoke twiceI'm sitting in your driveway calling you from the carSuffice I think it's safe to say you're not at homeI'm calling your cell phone, you answerBut I can tell though that you're not aloneHow was I to know, it should have been time to go a long time agoI kept holding onIt's comical when I think back now I couldn't get the hintYou feel the draft, you were throwing I wasn't catching your dripBut there's a cold breeze blowing over me, I'm over youSuccess is the best everything to pay you backAnd when that payment is overdue I overcame odds to get even to sober meIs shitting all over to un-sober you,And I hope they play this at every club that you're going toI'm haunting you bitch, everywhere you turn, I'm following youCause I loved you, with every ounce of meYou know is true is killing you now, yeah I hope the whole dies slow in youIts cause of you now I don't trust em at all fuck'em middle finger upI'm gonna escape grabbing my balls couple I never fall againI triple stairs I fall up but i don't try to come back knocking on my door, or dollCause I'm moving on, don't worry about me, cause Imma be just fine without you , you'll seethere is no one in earth now I much rather beCause god damn it I'm glad that I'm me

Bob Levey: Good afternoon, Nanooks and Nanettes, and welcome to today's frost-covered version of "Levey Live: Speaking Freely." Be grateful that I'm not typing this in the Washington suburbs, because I would have been ordered to begin two hours late, all because a little snow fell. Seriously, gang, we need a completely fresh look at the whole snow-closing system that governs our schools. The one we have just doesn't work. It relies on ill-informed guesses made at the wrong time(s). Kids are not well served by what we've got, Neither are parents, teachers or staff. That rant off my chest..... Let's get cracking with your questions and comments. As always, any subject is fair game over the next 60 minutes, from recent Bob Levey columns to recent news events. Let's rip..... Arlington, Va.: On Metro signs -- what does it mean by "Approaching"? Does it mean the train just left the last station or is it less than two minutes away? Bob Levey: Less than 3:59. To me, that means the train might as well still be on the other side of the earth. Three-fifty-nine is long enough to run a mile, for Pete's sake (OK, not if you're me, but you get the point). I can't see why the signs couldn't give you a tick-by-tick countdown. Washington, D.C.: Eating on Metro -- My unscientific observations show that eating on Metro is at an all-time high. Yesterday I sat in ketchup on the Red Line. I guess I could have eaten the fries left on the seat, but common sense prevailed. Please, please, please urge Metro to step up enforcement on this. Bob Levey: Done urged it a zillion times. Done been told they enforce these laws. Done doubted it. Still do. Coming soon to Bob Levey's Washington: A column in which His Typingness shadows one of the new Metro anti-eating cops as he makes his rounds. Should hit within two weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing just how widespread the problem is and how it looks from a professional law enforcement person's point of view. Ummmmmm: Bob, pythons aren't poisonous... Bob Levey: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Right you are. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... I knew this, too. So why did I write otherwise in today's column? Must have had my brain squeezed by a python. Apologies to herpetologists and pythons everywhere. University of Chicago Alum: How's the U of Chicago campaign going for you? Bob Levey: Slowly. The university set a tremendously ambitious goal of $2.1 billion back in April. It already had nearly a billion in hand. Since then, however, the stock market has tanked and war has begun to loom. The campaign is going full-bore in the Chicago and New York areas, but not here yet. Ah, but our time will come....... Washington, D.C.: Have you noticed that the press jumps quickly to demonize a country/people just because it's at odds with the U.S. ideal on how the world should be? Bob Levey: This has been going on for centuries (literally). During the World Wars, the U.S. press was reflexively anti-German to an extent that would amaze you today if you read the coverage of that era. I'm reminded of the great moment in "Bye Bye Birdie" when Conrad is being interviewed by the press, and his manager keeps popping in to massage The Great Crooner's remarks. At one point, the manager says Conrad vows to fight "those dirty Gerries (Germans), or whoever's dirty this time." Buying back issues of The Post: Bob, I would like to come by the Post offices and purchase a copy of a week-old paper. Closest Metro? Can I do this? What hours can this be done? Many thanks. Bob Levey: McPherson Square (Blue and Orange Lines) 2.5 blocks. Farragut North (Red Line) 3.5 blocks. Normal business hours Monday through Friday. A word to the wise: Be sure you know the exact date of the paper you want. They won't look it up for you, or help you do so. Come to the front counter at 1150 15th St. NW. Turn right after you've come up the front steps and as you approach the linotype machine (yes, a relic of these once-indispensable typesetting contraptions sits right there on our front landing -- a paean to our past). Snow Days: I love these kind of snow days. We get an inch, people go into their total panic, and native New Englanders like me have a trouble free commute on half-empty roads. PLease, keep closing everything, it makes life so pleasant for those of who can grasp the concept, "drive a little slower and don't slam on the brakes." Bob Levey: Don't worry. They don't make 'em any more conservative than they make up in suburban school offices. Even a HINT of snow and they go into total Barry Goldwater mode. Arlington, Va.: Schools open two hours late so that the plows and salt and sand trucks have enough time to make the side streets (where school buses have to travel) passable. Also, it gives the schools time to get their parking lots cleared. If opening schools two hours late keeps buses and high-school drivers off of icy roads and parking lots. I say hurrah. Bob Levey: Of course, I'm not wishing accidents or injuries on anyone. But the factors you mention are only some of the story. The biggest piece: Giving bus drivers extra time to traverse slippery streets, and giving kids extra time to get to bus stops. To that I say: Why can't everyone just get started a little earlier on days when it's treacherous? To give away two hours of a seven-hour school day is a large bite. Alexandria, Va.: Okay, I love dogs. I admit it freely. I have two of them. But those people were WAY out of line. I don't bring my dogs with me to work. I don't take them with me to a restaurant. I don't take them with me to friends' houses. My dogs stay home, and enjoy it. They have their beds, their water bowls, and aren't around strangers who might feed them something to get them sick. Besides, other people might be allergic to them. I would have told those "friends" to take the dog back home or put it outside. Bob Levey: You are too sane for this earth. Also too well-balanced. I'm with you all the way -- but let's both recognize that some people (many people?) wouldn't have your self-confidence or good judgment. In fact, I got an e-mail this morning from a reader who took it upon herself to psychoanalyze Dog-Gone (the woman who was victimized by the dog who came to dinner--see today's column). She figured Dog-Gone has major personality disorders. I'd love to know who she knows this. In any event, couldn't it just be shyness? Social inadequacy? A desire not to burn up a friendship? Metro Comment: Since you have the direct line to Metro, it seems, I'm going to share. I live in D.C. and work in Tysons. (Ugh.) I drive because there's no other way to get here. But I would love to take Metro. Realistically the subway's not getting built soon (I think never, actually) but there is such a thing as a bus. The problem is that when Metro tries bus service out here, they seem to design it to fail. Take the 5B L'Enfant/Tysons line. I would love to take it. So would many people I know. Yet, it was running for months before any of us even heard of it. I attempted it exactly once. I went to L'Enfant, then wandered around trying to figure out where to get the bus -- there was no signage for it I could find and nothing on the schedule about it. Eventually I gave up, took the orange line to Dunn Loring, and then paid $18 to get a cab to the office. Now I see on the Metro's web site that the bus has been mostly cancelled because of lack of ridership. Which is the kiss of death -- if it isn't reasonably frequent, it's too risky to rely on it -- miss your bus and get trapped in Northern Virginia, no thanks. If Metro wants to serve Tysons they need to set up good bus lines that go to different points in TYsons, they need to make them frequent enough that people can rely on them, and they need to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THEM. Now, based on the 5B, they probably think there's no demand. There's just no demand for bad service designed for failure. Bob Levey: As I'm sure you know, Metro regards Metrobus as a noose around its neck. Buses are big losers for Metro -- far bigger losers than a subway is. I suspect in my heart of hearts that Metro would love to see the suburbs take over all bus lines within their borders. That's pretty close to being the situation right now. Look for it to accelerate -- especially as suburban governments look for relatively cheap ways to get cars off streets. A bus system is far less costly than a new highway. Barry Goldwater Mode&#33: Bob. That's hilarious&#33 Can I use it? Maybe the opposite can be Barry Manilow Mode (real mellow). Thanks for a good laugh&#33 Bob Levey: You got it.... Compliments of the chef. Phoenix, Ariz.: What do you mean go into total Barry Goldwater mode? Bob Levey: You're from Arizona and you don't know?????????????? Barry (a longtime senator from Arizona and a 1964 GOP presidential candidate) was Mr. Conservative. The schools people here are just as conservative. That's what I was trying to say. McLean, Va.: Carolyn Hax said in her chat the the news of her divorce, pregnancy, and subsequent marriage got out of The Post before she wanted it to, so she "came clean." Are you the leaker? Bob Levey: Not guilty, and neither is anyone else at The Post, as far as I know. The early leaks came from some blogger, I believe. Lloyd Grove then wrote about Carolyn's life changes -- but he wasn't first. Washington, D.C.: What was your reaction to the Marc Fisher column the other day about D.C. police mistreatment of residents? Bob Levey: Stunning column, and a stunning indictment of the D.C. cops, I thought. Isn't Fisher the greatest? His columns are so sharp, so tightly reported. Let me get this little bandwagon rolling: He should win (and I believe some day will win) a Pulitzer Prize. Washington, D.C.: Can we please, please not spend another chat with every (current or former) New Englander or Midwesterner-snow expert decrying D.C. and school closing? Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's ridiculous. But that horse has been beat to death. On this chat. On others. All over the place. All you snow people rule, we in D.C. are losers. We get it. Bob Levey: I post this because I believe deeply in self-flagellation. Whip&#33 Whip&#33 Whip&#33 OK. We've done it to ourselves again, Washington. Doesn't it feel good? Levey's List: Mr. Levey, About how long does it take from the time someone leaves a message about Levey's List to get an item picked up? I called a few days ago about having an item picked up and haven't heard back yet. Thanks&#33 Bob Levey: It can take an hour. It can take a month. No way to say for sure. I wish I could be more helpful. Very sorry. Bethesda, Md.: With the baseball owners meeting again to discuss the future of the Montreal Expos, here's a baseball journalism question. Suppose MLB announces in July that the Expos are coming to D.C. in 2004. Would The Post assign a reporter to the Expos beat? Bob Levey: I can't speak for The Sports Poohbahs, but I'd think this would be a gimme. On the other hand, money is always a con


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