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Gennady Belyakov
Gennady Belyakov

Terrain Composer Unity Torrent

Los Angeles, CA -- After completing the record, Lee was invited to perform the entire record live for the first time. The recording and touring included featured bassists such as Bill Frisell, Drew Gress, Larry Grenadier, Tony Molina and Steve Swallow, and drummer Jason Roach. Oskar was joined by multi-instrumentalist Scott Devendorf for some of the dates. The recording and touring is finishing up and Lee is looking for another opportunity to present the work as a solo performance. More dates will be added as the opportunity arises.

Terrain Composer Unity Torrent

In 1968, Simon & Garfunkel released America, a road-trip song about love, ennui, and the search for a countrys soul. Hannah Hunt, a patient, folky standout from Vampire Weekends Ezra Koenig, is built from the same musical and narrative bones, and feels like a worthy update of that boomer touchstone. But where Simon & Garfunkel ultimately grasped for unity amid the tumult of the 60sTheyve all come to look for America, goes their full-throated finale Vampire Weekends Ezra Koenig, a weary millennial, focuses his faith. At the climax of Hannah Hunt, snares crack like fireworks, a stately piano enters, and his voice leaps from a croon to a cry as he pledges allegiance to just one person. If I cant trust you then damn it, Hannah/Theres no future, theres no answer, he yelps. It's the most desperately human Koenig has ever sounded, as he clings to the only thing he can still believe in. Ryan Dombal

It's been years since that fancy holiday, and while I have moved around quite a bit, this has been my home-base for a good while. I love the people in my community, the challenges, and the strength of character and curiosity that pervades the place. Oh - and the food! From the likes of Alice's Restaurant to our own Cosmic Cafe, the best of America, is it any wonder it's home sweet home? Somewhere in Time is the story of an idealistic young man (played by Christopher Walken) who goes back in time to save his parents from getting mixed up with gangsters. I must say I'm not the biggest fan of Walken's acting, but at the same time, the story is well done. The animation was extremely well done, too. Although the story has been done to death, you can't help but feel for Christopher. The emotional scenes between him and his parents are realistic and, as far as I'm concerned, some of the best in this era. As far as the soundtrack goes, it's rather forgetable. It's catchy for the first 30 seconds of the song but quickly plods on, and you start to wonder why you bothered. The rest of the time, you're hoping for a second. The movie has been remastered, and the detail added to the picture is very impressive. I'm hopeful that the new soundtrack will be better than the old one and, if it's not, I'll be disappointed. Still, it is a movie that's well worth seeing. I can't even watch it without a soundtrack or, in this case, movie.


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